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Gamers Engaged with Food Lifeline

Join us on July 31, 2020

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COVID-19 is having disastrous effects on the most vulnerable among us, both at home and abroad.  Food Lifeline is a non-profit that regularly serves over 300 Western Washington state food banks.  They have seen, first hand, how the economic hardship caused by closed businesses has increased food insecurity all across our state. 

In addition to their regular work, Food Lifeline is now working with Governor Jay Inslee's office, Second Harvest,Northwest Harvest and even the National Guard to create emergency food boxes that are being distributed every week to families in Washington State.


  • COVID-19 has reduced food bank donations by 70%
  • Food insecurity has doubled since COVID-19 hit our community in February, 2020
  • 1.6 million people are now food insecure in our state
  • More than 65,000 emergency food boxes are now being distributed each week

CALL TO ACTION:  (From Food Lifeline's blog, May 20,2020)

"Private philanthropy will be essential to fund our ongoing operations, enabling Food Lifeline to stay strong, stable and capable of delivering food relief to the community throughout this response. Our needs are especially acute on the front end of this effort."

We want to respond in a powerful and impactful way.

Engage, the charitable arm of Mox Boarding House, a division of Card Kingdom, Inc. is teaming up with friends and colleagues across the table top gaming world to raise money for Food Lifeline for hunger relief. 


  • Donate!
  • Watch your favorite streamers play RPGs, tabletop games, and video games and support their efforts to reach their goals
  • Share this event through your social channels
  • Join us!  Register on our event site and stream your favorite games whilst also raising money for hunger relief.  It's free and everyone can join in!
  • All funds raised will go directly to Food Lifeline in their tremendous work of providing hunger relief during Covid-19.

We will see you on Sunday, August 9th, 2020!









Your impact: $1 = 5 meals

Every dollar you give can provide at least 5 meals to children and families in need through the Food Lifeline network of food banks, mobile deliveries, and distribution centers.   


‚ÄčEvent Schedule:
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Featured Streamers

Team Calliope Games - Calliope Games follow them on Twitter 10am- 12pm
Mike Selinker - Lone Shark Games follow them on Twitter 12pm- 2pm       
Dr. B - Take This Org follow them on Twitter 2pm-4pm
Anne Richmond - Hearthsinger follow them on Twitter 4pm-6pm
Cedric  Phillips - Cedric A Phillips follow them on Twitter 6pm-8pm
Dee Chapleau - Dawwni follow them on Twitter 8pm-10pm


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